On Thu, 6 Apr 2006, Stephen Potter wrote:

>> * Would it be better to have a table with
>>  oss-bite-size bugs that might be available
>> to work on with a link to others that aren't?
> Absolutely. It is still difficult to determine what should
> or shouldn't be worked on and what is already being
> worked on.  I'm guessing that anything from "Fix Available"
> to "Closed" is done (and just "fluff" on a bug page), "Fix In
> Progress" presumably means someone is actively working on
> it, but what about "Fix Understood" or "Cause Known".

In general, Fix Understood & Cause Known mean just that -
that someone understands what needs to be done (or what
is causing the problem), but hasn't fixed it yet. Of course,
from this alone you can't tell if they are working on it or not.

People are supposed to assign themselves to a bug once
they start working on it, but that doesn't always happen
(and the reverse happens, too, where we assign a bug but
ther person really has no time to look at it).

> There are several bugs in there that are really easy
> (particularly typoes or poor status messages) that even
> someone without a huge coding background (like myself...)
> could fix, but I don't want to waste effort if someone has
> already done it.

Once you are assigned to work on a bug, your Sponsor should
make that clear in our bugtracking tool, so nobody else
tries to pick it up.

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