I've uploaded a new table to try and address these issues. Please let me 
know what you think. Some comments:

   * Would it be better to have a table with oss-bite-size bugs that
     might be available to work on with a link to others that aren't?
     Rather than everything in one table?

   * I'm going to try and figure out how to include bugs in the table
     that have the Keyword 'oss-bite-size' or 'oss-bite-size,
     oss-request'. That didn't seem to work out the way I wanted it to
     this time.

   * We don't currently have a field for identifying the person in the
     community who is working on a bug, so I don't think I can supply
     that information. If we do a separate table for "available" bugs,
     perhaps ones with the 'oss-request' Keyword (which indicates that
     someone in the community is working on) can be moved to the
     unavailable table.

   * I don't know if the state definitions are helpful. I've already
     received some input on them, but thought I'd send it out for general

   * I don't think we can do the filtering thing with what we have now,
     but if people have suggestions for how we might implement that,
     please provide details.

All of this is just an interim solution until we have better bug 
searching capabilities. My hope is that some day (soon) you'll be able 
to do a Keyword search of 'oss-bite-size' on b.o.o. and specify a 



Mike Gerdts wrote:
> On 3/8/06, Karyn Ritter <Karyn.Ritter at sun.com> wrote:
> <snip>
>>Would something like the table I've just created at
>>http://www.opensolaris.org/os/bug_reports/oss_bite_size/ help? I need to
> Very nice view of what is out there.
>>Please provide comments ideas about this and other ways we can help make
>>the community code contribution process better.
> My initial reactions are:
> 1) Presumably a "responsible engineer" means that something is
> happening.  This should probably be made clear that the ones that are
> not being worked are those without a responsible engineer.   Also, if
> there is some correlation between this and the status column, that
> would be good to know.
> 2) A column saying which community member(s) are working on it may be nice.
> 3) Ability to filter - a person wanting to learn about smf may want to
> filter just on SMF bugs.
> So far I have tried to work on a couple different items but by the
> time that I hit request-sponsor (each time less than a day after
> starting work on the bug/rfe) I have found that someone within Sun was
> already working on what I had taken up.  Generally, the things that I
> will pick up will be a weekend passtime when an immediate response on
> request-sponsor is least likely.
> Mike
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