After looking back through our internal emails regarding this, it
appears it is not only related to welcome files, but from what we have
seen so far it has only been affecting static content (specifically
.html files).  I don't see any exceptions in the logs when this is
happening, but as I mentioned before I don't have full debug logging
turned on because it is a production system.  There doesn't seem to be
any pattern to the files which get affected other than the fact that
they are all HTML files that end in .html and that includes welcome
files when the requested URL doesn't include the file name (the welcome
file would be index.html).


When this happens we typically see it not working for a host alias but it works fine if you go to  This makes me think it has something to
do with the cache because the host alias with www is probably accessed
much more frequently than without it, so maybe the problem occurs after
the cache fills up.


Thanks for your help,




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On Apr 18, 2008, at 3:23 PM, Shane Cruz wrote:

We are using Resin Pro 3.0.24 and have noticed an intermittent problem
that is rather weird.  After the JVM has been running for a few days, we
some times see the case where HTTP requests for certain files return a
blank HTML page such as:


This seems to happen mostly with welcome files (index.html), and we see
behavior such as:


Mostly welcome files or always?


Is there any kind of exception in the log file?  



         When it happens, it seems to affect a lot of pages at once, but
only on the one JVM.  


Is there any pattern to the pages affected?  Is this always cacheable
pages or some cacheable and some non-cacheable?


-- Scott

Restarting that JVM immediately fixes the problem... at least for a few


Our welcome file list (in app-default.xml) looks normal:









We are caching pages (in resin.conf):


    <resin:if test="${isResinProfessional}">

      <cache path="cache" memory-size="10M"/>



I don't want to turn on full debug logging because this happens in our
production environment but only after the JVM has been running for
several days.  I would prefer not to slow down the server for a long
time with the extra logging.


Has anyone else seen anything like this or know what might be causing





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