In general I like how 3.2 has fewer jars to go around. Hessian is the 
exception. It would be nice if all of Hessian code was factored out into a 
separate library in 3.2.x, so we can drop it into other containers, whether 
they are applications running 3.1.x or perhaps third party apps like tomcat.

Also it appears 3.2 is not backward compatible from config stand-point. It is 
not enough to simply rename .conf to .xml, some configuration elements that 
used to be optional are required now. This raises the barrier to upgrade from 
3.1.x to 3.2.x


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Resin 3.2.1 is our latest release in the 3.2 branch, which is our
development branch.  This branch still undergoes our extensive release
testing, but has many changes which have not been quite as vetted Resin
3.1 in production use.

If you are using 3.2.0 or 3.2.1, what have your experiences been?
Are you using it in production?  After testing, did you decide to
use Resin 3.2. or to stick with Resin 3.1?  Why?  What did your testing
include?  What features do you like and what would you like to see?

I appreciate any feedback you have to offer as we've gotten a few
questions from people interested in using Resin 3.2, but want to hear
from other folks who've kicked the tires a bit.



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