Hi again,

I think I found something related to the issue, as Quercus seems to  
have some problems with PHP static members.
I created the following test:
class Test
        protected static $_instance = null;
        protected $_variable = null;
      * Singleton instance
     public static function getInstance()
         $reflection = new ReflectionClass('Test');
         foreach ($reflection->getProperties() as $property) {
             $name = $property->getName();
                echo "Member: ".$name."<BR />"
        if (null === self::$_instance) {
             self::$_instance = new self();

         return self::$_instance;
        $testInstance = Test::getInstance();
If I execute the test under regular PHP, the result is:
Member: _instance
Member: _variable
If I execute it under Quercus, I just get
Member: _variable
The strange thing is that accessing the $_instance static memeber in  
this little test works, but a very similar code is inside  
Zend_Controller_Front class in the Zend framework and there it  
complains that $_instance has not been declared, even though you can  
see the declaration a couple of lines above.

So, even though is seems it is not the full issue, it seems to be  
strongly related. In any case, one would say that reflection in  
Quercus is broken, right?

Tested using Resin 3.1.7a and resin 3.2.1. Trying to use Zend in 3.2.1  
I don't get the error I was showing above, but a blank page and no  
error message anywhere.



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