Well, moving forward....

I've advanced a bit on the 3.2.1 front as the "$_instance not defined"  
problem is no longer there, even if reflection is still broken. The  
next issue I found is that accesing a stack, the isset(stack->{$name})  
returns 1 (true) and then stack->{$name} returns "false", where isset  
is expected to return "false" directly as the object is not really  
inside the stack. Not sure how that is supposed to work in PHP, but  
Zend checked with isset() for existance, this failing.

This happens in Zend/Controller/Action/HelperBroker.pjp, line 232

Then I also found out PHP_EOL is not defined, which is not exactly a  
"bug", but Zend uses it, so I defined it not to get tons of PHP_EOL  
all around :).

With those changes I was able to render the layout, but not content is  
being displayed and, if I have to believe the traces, neither the  
Controller or the View are being called.

This time I'm getting no error, trace or anything... Aren't  
interpreted languages fun? :)



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