Hi Adriano,

Thanks for your answer. I'm trying with the latest release of Zend,  
(1.6.2)  fresh from their site.

I follow their "quickstart guide", substituting the Apache .htaccess  
file with the URLRewrite filter to redirect all requests to  
WEB-INF/php/public/index.php, storing the Zend framework in  
WEB-INF/php/library/Zend and creating the  
WEB-INF/php/application/bootstrap.php file the instructions mandate.

If using Resin 3.1.5, accessing the application raises a
Fatal Error: 'Array' is an unknown function. [spl_autoload_register]
but that's a well-know bug of Quercus in 3.1.5, fixed in 3.1.7.

I then try with 3.1.7a and I get these errors:
...bootstrap.php:16: Fatal Error: Zend_Controller_Front::$_instance is  
an undeclared static property
An exception occured while bootstrapping the application.
...bootstrap.php:16: Fatal Error: Zend_Controller_Front::$_instance is  
an undeclared static property
Stack Trace:

As I used copy/paste and I used the same files in a MAMP environment  
some days ago, I thought it might be a Quercus thing, but I could not  
find anything about it.

I can send you my setup if you wish, but I just followed the steps in  
the quickstart guide, copy/pasting the content of index.php and  

Regarding the simple NuSOAP test, I include the library and try one of  
the samples that issues something like:
$client = new  
true,$proxyhost, $proxyport, $proxyusername, $proxypassword);
And always in these lines I get "Server failed to send headers", even  
though if I try accessing the WSDL files with my browser, I can see  
them normally. The debug trace claims that the answer returned an  
empty answer... but they are answering the browser so...

Thanks for your help,

Adriano Bonat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ha escrito:

> Hello Daniel,
> I had success running my project that uses ZF 1.5.2 on top of Quercus,
> as it is using PDO, and the Quercus support at that time (dunno know,
> I'm not watching its progress) didn't implement some necessary things,
> I did implement and so it worked fine.
> Which version of ZF were you using? Share your basic test too, so we
> can try to figure out what is happening.
> Regards,
> -Adriano


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