I'm doing some experiments with Quercus and one of the things I wanted 
to do is accessing an already existing web service written in Java. I 
also tried implementing the experiments using Zend Framework, even 
though that failed, first with a problem I solved by upgrading to 3.1.7 
and then with more problems I found no information about. I then tried 
to go back to the basics and use NuSoap and all I get when I use it is 
"server failed to send headers" and from the error trace, it seems it 
never reads any answer from the server ( I tried with public servers 
with WSDLs that work ) but I still have to verify if it is a problem 
with Quercus or my setup. As all I could find is that the simple 3 lines 
I wrote "should work" and they are quite basic... well, I'll check this 
weekend :).

In any case, what's the status of Quercus regarding those subjects? Was 
anybody able to run the Zend framework under Quercus? Or develop some 
kind of Web Service client? The information is quite scarce and the 
documentation is not too thorough, specially the list of applications 
supported as the link simply goes to the documentation page ;).

The forums (http://forum.caucho.com/) are kind of weird... how can one 
see the replies to the topics? Do I have to be registered for that?

As a "newbie" in this topic, I have to say the information about the 
subject is spread and difficult to follow. There are different web sites 
with different styles, the wiki, the mailing lists, the forums...

Daniel Lopez Janariz ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
Web Services
Centre for Information and Technology
Balearic Islands University

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