On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 2:04 PM, Scott Ferguson <f...@caucho.com> wrote:
> Also, what does the /resin-admin webapps tab say?

It reports a webapp at /, but just the "stock" one.

> For example, if you've deployed a .war using the command-line "deploy",
> that overrides the webapps/ directory.

I haven't done anything... seriously, I just went through these steps:

1) Download resin-4.0.18.zip
2) Unzip it into a directory
3) Copy my ROOT.war into resin/webapps
4) Run resin

No love.  No error messages.

I've also tried commenting out <web-app id="/"
root-directory="webapps/ROOT"/> but it makes no difference.  I'm not
quite sure what this line is supposed to do, though - shouldn't it be
irrelevant if there is a ROOT.war file in webapps?


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