I have run ASIP 6.2 with OS 8.6 and am now at OS9 and 6.3.1. I have used
both retrospect 4.1 and 4.2.

    I started out using my ASIP server also as my primary Retrospect server
with no problems at all. I back up a 30 machine network to a Ecrix VXA
drive. No special config, no problems. I also have plenty of RAM for my
server.. G3 with 384 meg ram. I have the server cache set to 284, gave
retrospect 32 (though you don't have to) and left roughly 60 for my system.
I have also now moved my Retrospect to a completely different machine.. just
because I have an extra G3 sitting around and I prefer separation of
services as much as the budget will allow.

    Why wouldn't you just run Retrospect clients to backup machines rather
than putting in a file server AND retrospect.. unless you need the server
for other tasks.

    My next mission is to see how ASIP server reacts to being a client on my
backups. I don't like to mount all the drives I need (especially the boot
drive) to back them up on my retrospect server so I'd like to run just the
client software.. Maybe Matt has some answers here??

Hope this helps


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> From: "Ronnie Livingston" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 14:09:45 -0500
> Subject: ASIP 6.3.3
> I am looking to setup an AppleShare IP fileserver for a specific
> application of duplicating files. I want to duplicate files out to the
> server so and backup the server. I have seen some issues with ASIP and
> Retrospect come through retro-talk. Will any of you out there that have
> experience and insight send me a note describing any of the pitfalls/areas
> of concern/work-arounds etc. of the ASIP/Retrospect setup. I will most
> likely use a G4, maybe a G3 for my ASIP server.
> Thanks,
> Ron Livingston
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