I have a big problem, i'm wondering of this can be the cause of retrospect.

I work several years with retrospect and now i work for several 
months with retrospect 4.3 and i work also with the 4.3 clients. The 
backup works fine, but now i have upgraded our fileserver a G3 with 
ASIP 6.2 with a 4.1 client of retrospect to a G4 with ASIP 6.3.3 with 
a 4.3 client of retrospect, i have the appleshare IP 9.0.4 upgrade 
done also, and retrospect give always the same 519 error and the 
fileserver stops working. When i take no backups even a day or 4 the 
fileserver stays stabile. Now i'm thinking of using retrospect 4.1 
again to see of this is the cause of the problem. Do you now another 

Dirk Van Cauter

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