I've seen similar messages over the past few months of people 
upgrading.  Both on this list the AppleShareIP list as well as 
another list I am on.

This is growing concern that there may be something not working 
correctly with G4's and ASIP and OS 9.  All are running current 
versions of everything and trying to do the backup over IP.

Something that Dantz and Apple may wish to investigate further.

Please spare me the "mine works fine" messages, it obviously is 
happening to more than a few people.

>  > Subject:   ASIP 6.3.3
>>  I have a big problem, i'm wondering of this can be the cause of retrospect.
>>  I work several years with retrospect and now i work for several
>>  months with retrospect 4.3 and i work also with the 4.3 clients. The
>>  backup works fine, but now i have upgraded our fileserver a G3 with
>>  ASIP 6.2 with a 4.1 client of retrospect to a G4 with ASIP 6.3.3 with
>>  a 4.3 client of retrospect, i have the appleshare IP 9.0.4 upgrade
>>  done also, and retrospect give always the same 519 error and the
>>  fileserver stops working. When i take no backups even a day or 4 the
>>  fileserver stays stabile. Now i'm thinking of using retrospect 4.1
>>  again to see of this is the cause of the problem. Do you now another
>>  solution??
>>  Dirk Van Cauter
>  > www.artecomm.be

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