First, I didn't know there was such thing as a 4.3 update for the mac os.
Should I change the current 4.2?

I have a beige G3 server for retrospect, an asip server with a 30 scsi raid
and some 10 mac clients.


Then I'd like to share another solved problem with you.

During my time with retospect, wich is close to two years, I have always
run into a strange error where retrospect just stops in a backup and dosn't
do anything. This can go on for days if no-one touches the computer. Not so
fancy feature and I really hoped changeing computer would make a difference.

It didn't... For another reason I changed the backup order so my computer
would be the last one to be backed up. Then I knew all others had been
backed up successfully (or at least been seen by retrospect).

For some strange reason THAT was the solution to the suddenly-freez-thing
above! Today is the third day in a row that backup has been made without
any strange break!

I have a win-98 machine, we have another win-98 machine and the rest are macs.


So, if you run into strange errors, try changeing the backup order of your
clients! :-)


/ jakob - who hopes this lasts forever...

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