At 01:38 PM 4/27/2000 -0400, you wrote:
 >I'm not sure exactly what evaluation you're interested in... from my
 >experience, a virtual machine in VMWare CAN have a Retrospect client
 >installed on it, and be successfully backed up over the network.
 >I don't think you'd want to run a Retrospect server within a VMWare
 >virtual machine, for performance reasons if nothing else.

Well, my thought is would it run in the parent system without problems - 
and concurrently with one of the child processes.

Say you have NT.  You want to use it with NT and 98.  Would it work in 
either?  (Though not running Retrospect at the same time in both places, of 
course.)  Leads to some interesting functionality questions.

For example - say you support Retrospect and want to use NT and 98 on a 
particular machine.  If you didn't have this, you'd have to reboot to get 
from one OS to the other.  Would this work so that you could just switch 
from one to the other and then crank up Retrospect?

I'll wager that the tradeoff would be that you'd want to make sure you have 
sufficient memory and processing power - and it may well be useless on 
older machines.  The downside is that it would be too esoteric, IMHO.


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