I have a different solution: two AIT drives.

1. If one drive fails for some reason, you can still run backup and do 

2. You can always have a blank tape in the second drive just waiting 
until it's needed.

3. You can double overnight and weekend backup with two tapes.

4. You're not dependent on a loader plus tape drive.

5. It's a lot less expensive to buy a second tape drive than to invest in 
a loader.

6. If you outgrow two drives, adding a third may still be less costly 
than investing in a loader.

We're backing up 80+ Macs daily, everything from servers (about 25 GB 
capacity) to design computers (up to 50 GB on those) and anything else 
(160 MB to 10 GB). Thanks to data compression, our initial backup usually 
fills two tapes, running into a third the day after that, then slowly 
filling a five-tape set over a one-month period.

Then we start over again.

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