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On 5/3/00 18:23  ed hintz via email account: [EMAIL PROTECTED] stated the

>    I'm running a system with about 100 cpus. To this point we've been using
>a single AIT2 drive, and doing a lot of tape changing to deal with backups.
>However, we're still growing and it seems the single drive solution is
>starting to show it's inadequacy for our needs. So, we're looking into
>    Also, anybody have a solution for notification of failures? I've been
>toying with hacking up an applescript solution to my pager, but if someone's
>already done it...  ;-)

Hello Ed,

We have several SONY TSL-SA300C AIT (1) Tape Library (Magazine holds 4

Have been using them for over a year now and we are quite pleased with
the performance and reliability of the robotics and the tape mech itself.
However this solution is limited by the 4 tape magazine.

A few months ago I evaluated the Spectralogic TreeFrog AIT library and
found it to be a KILLER Hardware solution....We will be transitioning to
this product in the next few months.

For further info on the "TreeFrog" see:


I hope this is helpful!

Fraternally, ...


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