Seagate has stopped selling AIT units (although you can still buy leftover
stock in the channels).

All AIT heads are made by Sony but other companies do add-value.  For
instance, we have an
optional two line, 40 column LCD not available on a "stock" Sony.  It has
two processors
instead of one.  The display works even if the drive should lock up for any
The diag ability can really be handy.

We can also take two or more of the AIT units and provide modes like
mirroring, striping, off-line tape duplication/verify and single mode.
Moral of the story?  Not all AIT units are created equal, even if the heads
are all made by Sony.  (Shelby is to Ford as Cybernetics is to Sony - super

Also, not all companies will allow you to take your single Sony drive and
install it into a tape library
later.  Be sure to ask your vendor if they will give you that type of

We were the very first company to introduce AIT in the USA back in 1996.
We've had excellent success with the technology ever since.  Because of our
true OEM relationship (not just a reseller), we also have stock on the hard
to get AIT-2 tapes!

We also provide our services/enhancements to Exabyte, Quantum, HP, Hitachi
and other storage manufacturers.

Take care!


PS - The small four tape library uses a special version of the AIT drive
inside - not a stock one.  This means you can't swap the mech out at will.
One would be better off with the fifteen tape loader -- it's only about $200
more and uses standard mechs which can be replaced/upgraded in the field.
(Easier to move from AIT-2 to AIT-3, etc. -- not to mention the extra eleven

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(Sorry for the slow response...)

Let me just ask you, we're looking into getting an AIT, isn't it Sony that
are doing all the technology stuff and other brands, like Seagate and LaCie
put Sonys technology inside the box and their own name on the utside?

/ jakob

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