Actually, tape loaders are very inexpensive -- a 15 tape library chassis
costs less than a second AIT-2 drive.

You can't beat the redundancy of two drives though (a lot of customers will
put two AIT drives into a single tape library - the chance of both drives
going south at the same time is extremely small).

Today's libraries are built knowing AIT-3 and 4 are coming.  You can replace
the AIT-1 or 2 drive with the upcoming generations in the field.  This gives
you scalability -- and allows you to keep your investment in the loader.

If anyone wants information on converting existing single drive unit(s) to a
library, please e-mail me.


> I have a different solution: two AIT drives.

> 1. If one drive fails for some reason, you can still run backup and do
> restores.

> 2. You can always have a blank tape in the second drive just waiting
> until it's needed.

> 3. You can double overnight and weekend backup with two tapes.

> 4. You're not dependent on a loader plus tape drive.

> 5. It's a lot less expensive to buy a second tape drive than to invest in
> a loader.

> 6. If you outgrow two drives, adding a third may still be less costly
> than investing in a loader.

> We're backing up 80+ Macs daily, everything from servers (about 25 GB
> capacity) to design computers (up to 50 GB on those) and anything else
> (160 MB to 10 GB). Thanks to data compression, our initial backup usually
> fills two tapes, running into a third the day after that, then slowly
> filling a five-tape set over a one-month period.

> Then we start over again.

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