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If you're looking for ammo to help sway a friend or colleague towards
Retrospect for Windows, consider looking at the Retrospect reviews on our web


InformationWeek: "Retrospect 5.1 is one of the easiest and most flexible
backup solutions we've seen..."

PC Magazine: "We particularly liked the backup and restore scripts and the
IncrementalPLUS backups."

Infoworld: "Retrospect Backup is smooth, powerful, and inexpensive... its main
competitors cost tens of thousands of dollars for comparable features and a
similar license."

Winmag: "I found that Retrospect was faster than Backup.exe in every case, and
had an eight to forty percent speed increase over Veritas Backup Exec V4." (We
replaced Backup Exec on their "WinList.")

The London Times: "The ideal solution to any backup problem for both the
single user and the small business."

PlanetIT: "Retrospect was easy to install and use and faster than other

Comdex Test Center Recommended: "Retrospect 5.0 Server Edition proved itself
in every test engineers could think of throwing at it, and it earns a
recommendation from the CRN Test Center at Comdex. ... Unlike other server
backup packages, this one is actually easy to configure and use."

PCWeek: "Dantz backup system's flexibility, ease of use should make it a
winner ... it might well become an overnight sensation."

And, just today, Jesse Burst's AnchorDesk included this:

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