> > Drive cost   $550      $630
> > Tape cost     $60       $50
> For that kind of money, why not just buy a refurbished iMac, put NetPresenz
> on it, and use it as an ftp storage set repository? Just a thought...

Tape has higher capacity, which lets you keep more files and more versions of
those files. In addition, it costs less to make and keep an extra copy of the
data, which is the real key to data security.

If your computers are taken from your house and your iMac was your backup, you
have no backup. With tape, you could take one of the tapes to your office as
an offsite backup.

I think backup drive calculations should always include the cost of the
mechanism plus the cost of the media required to make 3 complete backup sets
(as a minimum). Then, include an additional ~20% of the total cost for each
media change required to make a complete backup set. (That makes floppies
prohibitive for everything, Zip for most, and CD-RW inappropriate for
multi-gigabyte backups.)

Just my opinion. :-)


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