> Sammy sent me info on a 30 day free VXA trial and special pricing from
> Ecrix. I've added a new column to my data:
> DRIVE       NS-20     ECHO 30    VXA
> Native       10 GB     15 GB      33 GB
> Compressed   20 GB     30 GB      66 GB
> Speed       50MB/min  120MB/min  36MB/min
> Drive cost   $550      $630      $600
> Tape cost     $60       $50       $80
> $/GB*       $4.60     $2.33      $1.60
> Drive + 2    $670      $730      $760
> * estimated based on 30% compression
> I really like the higher capacity media.
I love the Ecrix drives so much not only did I Buy two but I am also now a
reseller for them. I get about 36 gigs compressed on a tape but most of my
files are either stuffit or graphics files. Not much compression to happen
there. I get off a Adaptec 2940UW card an average of 140 megs/min across a
100baseT network.

I've had one drive replaced in 6 months but the good note is no hold time
for tech support, they advance fed-ex a new drive with a credit card number.
Overall I love dealing with the company.  Go VXA!! So far it's been great. I
have already restored 3 full drives from vxa tapes. And my two drives handle
my seven Mac servers, 25 Mac workstations and three windoze boxes.


Garret J. Cleversley
Vice President/General Manager
Center Page, Inc.
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