>For that kind of money, why not just buy a refurbished iMac, put NetPresenz
>on it, and use it as an ftp storage set repository? Just a thought...

Interesting suggestion, but issues include:

1. Capacity. I have 17 GB of drive space (far from full). My son has 11 
GB. Other Macs have 1-2 GB. The iMac would need a drive upgrade.

2. Redundancy. I'd have to buy two iMacs to have two backup sets. Two 
tapes is much less expensive.

3. Performance. An iMac would be the third or fourth fastest Mac in the 
house. No way the wife and kids would put up with the cute little thing 
sitting there for backup. And if they use it as a computer and crash the 
drive, there goes the iMac and all my backup.

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