At 1:37 PM -0700 1/7/00, Matthew Tevenan wrote:
>The reason the client checks your network connection once an hour is to make
>sure it has one, and to report problems if they exist. If we turned this
>off, the client would sit there cheerfully reporting that absolutely no
>problems exist when in fact they may. This would make client-side
>troubleshooting nonexistent, an extremely frustrating situation for a tech
>support rep, as you can imagine.

I guess maybe I was harsher about Retrospect than was fair (Microsoft 
are far more deserving of criticism), given that if this client is on 
a LAN then checking the network will cause no undue hardship, but if 
it is on a dialup line then that is where this causes problems. 
However, I did state that this was an unlikely scenario, to be 
backing up to some server over a dialup to the Internet and I agree 
that the current behaviour is acceptable on a LAN.

But I still maintain that NO software should cause unrequested 
dialups, I'm sorry if you don't agree. I don't accept that it is 
beyond the realms of possibility to only perform such checks if it 
doesn't cause a dialup. After all that is a worthless check anyway 
since the link will drop again right after the check. If you're on a 
LAN with a dialup router the Retro server is likely on the same LAN 
(as in my case) and so there should still be no dialup problems.

Back to the original problem with the PowerBooks, is it the Retro. 
client causing the dialups? If so, why? Under what circumstances 
would you be running the client while on a dialup and if it's not 
essential just turn it off with Extensions Manager, in conjunction 
with Location Manager if that makes it easier. My original point was 
that you can stop a Mac from dialing up.


Ken  G i l l e t t

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