At 6:42 AM -0700 30/6/00, Matthew Tevenan wrote:
>>  It would be really nice if the powerbook could be set to automatically
>>  use the dial-up TCP/IP config during the day so the user can get to the
>>  internet, then switch to ethernet at night to allow network backup. Can
>>  Location manager do that?
>I've found that the sky's the limit when it comes to Location Manager and
>AppleScript, so I'm sure it is possible to automate this process. How? I'm
>not the person to ask that...

MacOS 9 includes a Scripting Addition to directly control the 
networking Control Panels, with some examples in the Help Centre. 
Then you can use Cron to schedule running the script(s) at the 
appropriate time(s).

I use this to change the Remote Access dialup parameters so my 
IPNetRouter gateway Mac dials a different number at different times 
of the day (I get a free number at certain times). It works and is 
not that hard.

You could use Location Manager, but if you only need to switch one 
'widget' then you might as well do it directly. Also, be aware that 
actually swapping configurations can interrupt the network services, 
but modifying the active config seems to not do so. I tried swapping 
the RA configs, but Open Transport seemed unable to get TCP going 
again (well IPNR failed anyway), whereas editing the active config to 
change the tel. number to dial, timeout etc does not cause these 

Good luck.


Ken  G i l l e t t

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