At 12:29 2000-07-10 -0400, you wrote:
>Recently, I downloaded the demo version of Retrospect software, and
>installed clients on both my NT and Mac.  I was able to setup most of the
>volumes to backup onto my backup tape, (located on my NT).  The problem I am
>having is, the Mac volumes cannot be seen on the NT.  (Using AppleTalk, the
>PC volumes could be seen on the Macs).  I spoke to a Retrospect Technical
>Support, and they suggested I need a third party software, like PCMAC LAN.
>So my question is, can I see/setup Mac volumes on NT without purchasing
>third party software? Or, how can I setup my Macs volumes to backup onto my
>tape, located on my Nt without purchasing third party?  Any response would
>be appreciated it.

I have a similar setup and we use PC MacLAN but not for Retrospect and I
truely don't belive you need that. Retrospect is much faster using the
TCP/IP option. Ofcourse, that depends on how your Internet connction is made.

We have static IP addresses and uses a fake IP adress while surfing, given
to us by our ISP. The AppleTalk alternative is really a poor one. Someone
measured the difference and posted it on thos list maybe a year ago saying
TCP/IP is as fast as 50 times faster that AppleShare...

/ jakob

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