At 2:29 PM +0200 7/12/00, jakob krabbe wrote:
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>>If Retro already has activator codes (in it's prefs or somewhere) that it
>knows about it will automatically assign a "free" activator code to it.
>And since you can use a Mac or PC activator code on either platform, it may
>have given a free "Mac code" to your PC.
>It's just that the client window is emptey, saying no number...
>>As for the asking for a password to protect the client from being
>activated by some other Retro user, that is a fairly new thing.  Sometimes
>I like it, sometimes I don't.
>I guess I did something stupid... I thoght I easily could change Activator
>Code to the clients so an Activator Code could stick to a person rather
>than to a certan computer.
>We bought a new G4 to Jan. Jan's G3 went to Maria and Maria's desktop G3 is
>now the Retrospect server.
>I intended to move Jan's Activaor Code to the new G4, set Jan's old
>computer to the Activator Code of Maria and have no activator code at the
>server. But I kept reciveing "Activator Conflict" and I tried to Forget the
>G4, but when I tried to log it on again a new error occurred, I was asked
>for a security code!!
>Since there are so many codes everywhere I tend to have the same code on
>all places but none of them worked this time. It was 18 months since I
>installed that client...
>1. Can I remove the activator code at the server?
>2. Can I change the activator code at a client?
>>Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't.
>Right now I don't like this feature! ;-) (To be honest, I must have missed
>something because I see no point in haveing it.)

Actually, I think this (activator codes) is a *great* feature! And 
one of the reasons I upgraded from 4.0 to 4.2.

What you have to do is think about it in reverse -- there shouldn't 
BE anymore activator code conflicts (yay!) because Retrospect handles 
all the codes in the program. It knows how many licenses you have 
available, and knows how many clients you have on your system.

I do still have more than half of my clients with an activator code, 
but when I add a new one or do a reconfigure on an old, I'm 
constantly upgrading the client to TCP/IP (most are on AppleTalk) and 
letting Retrospect handle the codes.

We've always had a password feature (IIRC) here, so I'm not sure what 
the problem is. The password just keeps things secure between the 
server and the client. You only use it when installing the client, 
and then when you log in the first time from the server. Otherwise, 
no biggie.

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