>If Retro already has activator codes (in it's prefs or somewhere) that it
knows about it will automatically assign a "free" activator code to it.
And since you can use a Mac or PC activator code on either platform, it may
have given a free "Mac code" to your PC.

It's just that the client window is emptey, saying no number... 

>As for the asking for a password to protect the client from being
activated by some other Retro user, that is a fairly new thing.  Sometimes
I like it, sometimes I don't.

I guess I did something stupid... I thoght I easily could change Activator
Code to the clients so an Activator Code could stick to a person rather
than to a certan computer.

We bought a new G4 to Jan. Jan's G3 went to Maria and Maria's desktop G3 is
now the Retrospect server.

I intended to move Jan's Activaor Code to the new G4, set Jan's old
computer to the Activator Code of Maria and have no activator code at the
server. But I kept reciveing "Activator Conflict" and I tried to Forget the
G4, but when I tried to log it on again a new error occurred, I was asked
for a security code!!

Since there are so many codes everywhere I tend to have the same code on
all places but none of them worked this time. It was 18 months since I
installed that client...

1. Can I remove the activator code at the server?
2. Can I change the activator code at a client?

>Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't.

Right now I don't like this feature! ;-) (To be honest, I must have missed
something because I see no point in haveing it.)


/ jakob

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