>Actually, I think this (activator codes) is a *great* feature! And 
>one of the reasons I upgraded from 4.0 to 4.2.

I just foud the License Manager! how long time has that one been there? ;-)

>I do still have more than half of my clients with an activator code, 
>but when I add a new one or do a reconfigure on an old, I'm 
>constantly upgrading the client to TCP/IP (most are on AppleTalk) and 
>letting Retrospect handle the codes.

We have some 13 computers, all but one (68K) is running TCP/IP.

>We've always had a password feature (IIRC) here, so I'm not sure what 
>the problem is. The password just keeps things secure between the 
>server and the client. You only use it when installing the client, 
>and then when you log in the first time from the server. Otherwise, 
>no biggie.

You say "Otherwise no biggie", so i thought as well... But when I'm in the
"Clients on Network" -window trying to forget and log in the failling
computers I need to enter a security code!

How do I uninstall retsospect ENTIERLY so I can start over with these two
messing clients? The original problem was that the server who used to be a
client also has an activator code witch it shouldn't...


I hate buying new stuff, you solve a couple of problems but generating a
few new once you didn't thoght of in the beginning...

/ jakob

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