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>In pulling up the error message on the Mac OS errors list, it indicates that
>the disk driver is not cooperating with the file manager. {-23    openErr
>Requested read/write permission doesn't match driver's open permission,}

Interesting ... Retrospect reported the error, why did you make the leap 
to MacOS errors?

I have no idea if its relevant, but Finder will happily duplicate the 
storage set so Finder can open the file and read it.

>Sounds like it could be a problem with the disk driver on your disk in this
>case. What formatting software was used to format the ATA disk? Did it see
>it as a SCSI drive or an ATA drive?

Only use the Apple product ... Drive Setup ... the "get info" on the disk 
says its v8.1.4.  The card makes ATA disks appear to be on just another 
SCSI bus.

>Have you tried creating a greater than 2GB file set on a connected SCSI hard
>drive on this computer and does it work?

No the biggest SCSI drive I have is only 2GB ... I guess I could string a 
couple of them together as a stripe.

I will verify that the disk driver is the latest, and also the bios for 
the card.

Cheers,  Malcolm

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