Will support for this drive be forthcoming or do I need to purchase a new


On 8/11/00 11:31 AM, Matthew Tevenan at [EMAIL PROTECTED] stated:

> Cory,
> Sorry, obviously I need to read a bit better, or at least slower. The Mac
> mention made me somehow think this was a SCSI drive. The bottom line here is
> that unfortunately, we don't support the tape drive you are using.
> Retrospect does not support parallel port tape or CD-R/RW drives.
> We currently support most ATAPI and SCSI tape and CD-RW drives and are
> working on support for specific USB and FireWire devices.
> While your parallel port tape drive appears as an ASPI device that
> Retrospect recognizes, we have not qualified parallel port tape or CD-R/RW
> drives for use with Retrospect for Windows.
> Your drive is probably very similar to an ATAPI drive that we have qualified
> and support with Retrospect, but the dynamics to parallel port speeds change
> things a great deal. Adding over the network backup to the equation as you
> have done recently makes it even harder to make sure it works with lower
> data rates over the network combined with the parallel port.
> If you have further questions, please call us directly.
> Regards,
> Matthew Tevenan
> Technical Support Specialist
> Dantz Development Corporation
> 925.253.3050 
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>> Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 15:03:55 -0700
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>> Subject: Re: NT Backup Failing
>> Cory,
>>> I realize that 'communication error' is supposed to indicate a disconnect
>>> between the backup machine and the backup device but backups from a Mac
>>> running Retrospect client to this same machine and drive succeeds just fine.
>> That's basically what this error means, even if the drive works OK
>> elsewhere. Sounds like this PC/drive combination is having problems,
>> especially with the hanging problem. Off the top of my head:
>> Update SCSI card drivers.
>> Uninstall any extraneous drivers Windows or other software may have
>> installed.
>> Make sure ASPI is installed by running ASPICHK (installed into the
>> Retrospect Program Files directory).
>> Try a different tape in your drive.
>> Try the drive connected to a different PC with a different card.
>> If these don't help, please call us.
>> Matthew Tevenan
>> Technical Support Specialist
>> Dantz Development Corporation
>> 925.253.3050 

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