The "network communication failed" message was seen in the network
browser Retro 4.3 Mac, when i went to configure the remote: the first
two panes were OK, but the last one (Volumes) failed with the
aforesaid error message.

Thanks for the other info: the Tech Note was useful.

>Hi Owen,
>The "nothing in the container" error message would definitely be caused by
>the user excluding all volumes. Not the 519, network communication failed,
>though. I just quickly tested this with both an immediate and scripted
>backup from both Retrospect 4.3 Mac and 5.11 Windows. No problems. Here's
>basically all you should be seeing:
>+    Normal Backup using Untitled at 8/10/2000 1:01 PM
>     To backup set Backup Set D
>     8/10/2000 1:01:26 PM: Connected to Matt/Toshiba
>*    Container Matt/Toshiba was empty (had no volumes)
>     8/10/2000 1:01:26 PM: Execution completed successfully
>     Quit at 8/10/2000 1:01 PM
>Sorry, but there's something else going on here. Check out Dantz Tech Note
>415 at
>and if you can't resolve the 519 with the help of that, e-mail us at
>Matthew Tevenan
>Technical Support Specialist
>Dantz Development Corporation
Owen Watson
at home in Wellington, New Zealand

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