At 10:03 AM +0100 11/8/2000, Nicholas Froome wrote:
>I'm setting up Retrospect 4.2 on a Mac to backup to a USB-attached 
>CDRW drive with a Mitsumi mechanism. It appears the mechanism might 
>not be supported by Retrospect as it does not work. I can burn and 
>erase CDs using Toast so the drive functions OK.

I was under the impression that you needed 4.3 for USB CDRW drives - 
or did they just roll the add-on support files into the main app for 

>My question is not "what drives does Retrospect support?" - because 
>the wbesite is clear on that - it is "how do I know when it is 
>Because I've not backed up to CDR before I don't know what to look 
>for. Discs don't mount on the desktop, but should they appear in the 
>"Please choose a new disc" dialog box at the start of a backup? And 
>should the CDRW drive show up in Configure:Devices?

Disc don't mount on the desktop because they are not Mac volumes. 
They should appear in the "new disc" dialog and the drive should 
appear in the devices menu  - at least both those things happen when 
using my Yamaha SCSI CDRW...


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