At 6:36 PM +0200 8/15/00, jakob krabbe wrote:
>Hi and thanx for your post! That was a good one to be the first one! Maybe
>that explains some of our problems related to some clients. They also just
>stops for no clear reason, running Sonnet and 8.6. You are talking about
>the processorupgrade, right!?

The sonnet crescendo G3 processor upgrade, version 1.4.2 to 1.4.4, yup.
I'm not having the problem with OS8.6 machines, I actually only have 1 6100
with 8.6 installed  and it does have the same problem, but since there's
only one of them I didn't include that fact in my original post.
        But let me add another thing now.  I just backed up a 6100 with the
crescendo and OS9.  I've got it's disk divided into three partitions with
OS9, 8.6 and 8.5 respectively for testing this very problem.  The remote
generated error -519 while backing up the first partition, but then it went
on and successfully backed up the other two partitions!  Does "Network
Communication" happen on a volume-by-volume basis, or machine-to-machine?
It seems like if network communication fails, the whole machine would then
be down for the count.  In fact, I know this to be true  because other macs
with more than one volume will generate a -519 error and any volumes on
that mac not yet backed up will _not_ get backed up.
        Could this have anything to do with DHCP?  All our macs get their
IP numbers from a DHCP server, but the leases are currently set to never
expire (don't ask why)


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