At 2:33 PM -0400 15/8/00, Philip Chonacky wrote:
>I would suspect a subtle hardware timing issue.  The 6100's have the 
>slowest bus speeds of the PowerPC models, and OS9 was really 
>designed for the G3's and up.
>Retrospect pushes the limits in tcp/ip mode in order to achieve the 
>best backup speed.
>I would reeccomend backing up using Appletalk since that sems to 
>produce the most reliable backup, albeit slower.

I also have 519 errors that currently prevent me from performing my 
Retrospect backups. But it occurs with NT clients as well as Mac, so 
AppleTalk is not an option.

Whatever the reason for these communication failure problems it 
worries me that (in my case) the LAN works perfectly for everything 
else, yet Retrospect falls down every time. I realise that it hits 
the network pretty hard, but this is no surprise and shouldn't it 
have been designed to cope with that in the first place?

I'm pretty fed up with its inability to perform network backups over 
an otherwise perfectly functioning network. Maybe it's not happy with 
my 10baset hub, but nothing else complains and I don't see that I 
should start swapping out LAN hardware to keep Retrospect happy - 
even if it were to make any difference. My setup is an 8100/OS9.0.4 
server running Retrospect and nothing else, a beige G3 client and an 
NT client with NT4 sp5 and a 3COM 10baset card connected via a 
Netgear hub. Nothing special and only Retrospect has a problem.

Exactly what is the 519 error? How can it lose contact with a client? 
They're still physically connected and unless the network has crashed 
surely there's no reason why communication couldn't be re-established 
for the backup to continue.


Ken  G i l l e t t

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