>I realise that it hits the network pretty hard, but this is no 
>surprise and shouldn't it have been designed to cope with that in 
>the first place?

It would be nice if Retrospect behaved more like 56k modems, and 
automatically downgraded performance until a reliable connection was 
possible. Retrospect could go slower/safer but write a warning to the 
log like:
"Recovering from 519 error, establishing lower performance connection"

That way Retrospect still works at full speed on a faultless network, 
but degrades gracefully when there are subtle problems. I have always 
managed to eventually find the cause of the problem Retrospect has 
exposed, but it isn't always convenient to track down these subtle 
problems right away, and it certainly hurts when Retrospect is 
(apparently) the only application affected by a problem.
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