I would suspect a subtle hardware timing issue.  The 6100's have the slowest bus 
speeds of the PowerPC models, and OS9 was really designed for the G3's and up.

Retrospect pushes the limits in tcp/ip mode in order to achieve the best backup speed.

I would reeccomend backing up using Appletalk since that sems to produce the most 
reliable backup, albeit slower.

my $.02

-Philip Chonacky

At 2:14 PM -0400 8/15/00, Matt Barkdull wrote:
>>      If I remove the Crescendo card from the remote or disable the
>>driver for it, the problem goes away.  If I keep the hardware as it is and
>>switch to backing up over Appletalk, the problem goes away.  A 6100 without
>>a Crescendo will have a spotless backup record until I install a Crescendo
>>in it, but the TCP/Appletalk factor indicates that the problem is a little
>>deeper than just hardware.  6100s with Crescendos and OS 8.x backup fine
>>too.  Finally, Macs other than 6100s and 7100s, but with OS9 and a
>>crescendo G3 have no problem.
>Just as another step to test, did you try going to the TCP/IP control 
>panel and unchecking the "Load only when needed" button"?   I'm 
>wondering if the timing factor is doing something weird to the 
>interface and shutting it down.
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