>Retrospect is just using
>a protocol, be it TCP or Appletalk, to do it's job, right?  Maybe it's a
>question of how Retro. _uses_ that protocol.  Anyone from Dantz want to
>jump in here?

Before blaming Retrospect, try transferring a very large file from 
one mac to the other and see if it really makes it.  I'm talking 
large... 300 to 500 MB in size.

Retrospect copies files in a very steady stream.  Web browsing, 
printing, and email do it in short burst.

Yes, if you network has a minor problem, it will show up in 
Retrospect.  It will also show up in ARCServe and it will also show 
up in Amanda.  It is not platform or software dependant.

I do network performance monitoring all the time here and still one 
of my earliest indicators of possible problems is the nightly backups.


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