>       If I remove the Crescendo card from the remote or disable the
>driver for it, the problem goes away.  If I keep the hardware as it is and
>switch to backing up over Appletalk, the problem goes away.  A 6100 without
>a Crescendo will have a spotless backup record until I install a Crescendo
>in it, but the TCP/Appletalk factor indicates that the problem is a little
>deeper than just hardware.  6100s with Crescendos and OS 8.x backup fine
>too.  Finally, Macs other than 6100s and 7100s, but with OS9 and a
>crescendo G3 have no problem.

Just as another step to test, did you try going to the TCP/IP control 
panel and unchecking the "Load only when needed" button"?   I'm 
wondering if the timing factor is doing something weird to the 
interface and shutting it down.

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