>> What would give better performance, a G3 upgrade to the 6100 or a 100
>> base T card. I can only do one since the 6100 only has one slot.
> Go with the G3 upgrade. The 6100 bus is too slow to benefit from a 100Mbps
> Ethernet card, but the G3 card will at least allow it to maximize the
> existing SCSI and network I/O.

Actually, I would not rely on a G3 upgraded original Power Mac (6100, 7100,
8100) computer as a backup server. The reason for this is that I believe
that stability is the most important factor in a backup server. Bottom line,
it just need to work reliably.

The problem with upgrading a 6100 with a G3 is that it requires a number of
interest "hacks" to make it work and again you are pushing the boundaries of
the I/O subsystem (Both SCSI and networking) even more. You are likely to
find the boundary issues that exist in computer that were never seen before
hopping it up a little much and still having a heavy I/O load.

While you may not have problems, you are taking more of a risk that I
believe it is worth for something as critical as a backup server.

> In reality, they'd be better off buying a first-generation G3 box
> instead...one of the original beige desktops or minitowers wouldn't cost
> much more than a G3 upgrade for the 6100, and it would be a much better
> backup server.

This is definitely the path. Upgrade to a cheap used G3 machine (or even a
PCI Mac), you will be much better off than you would with a G3 upgraded
6100. These machines will give you the boost you are looking for and will be
likely more stable under a heavy I/O load like backup.

Good luck,


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