At 6:27 PM -0700 8/16/00, Pat Lee wrote:
>>> What would give better performance, a G3 upgrade to the 6100 or a 100
>>> base T card. I can only do one since the 6100 only has one slot.
>> Go with the G3 upgrade. The 6100 bus is too slow to benefit from a 100Mbps
>> Ethernet card, but the G3 card will at least allow it to maximize the
>> existing SCSI and network I/O.
>Actually, I would not rely on a G3 upgraded original Power Mac (6100, 7100,
>8100) computer as a backup server. The reason for this is that I believe
>that stability is the most important factor in a backup server. Bottom line,
>it just need to work reliably.

Well, I've got 3 7100/80s running Retrospect 4.2, and I never have a
problem with them.  They don't even have G3 upgrades, and I get up to
45Mb/min from them onto HP DDS-3 drives.  I  believe I would go with the
6100 with the G3  upgrade.  The G3 will also be quite handy during day to
day backup administration, or during a restore operation when Retrospect is
searching a catalog file or two...  With just a straight 601/66, something
like that could take _forever_


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