Hi Steve,

John has you on the right track here. Retrospect will always try to restore
everything that was in the Snapshot...no matter where it originally backed
up the files from. When we say that Retrospect was designed as restore
software, we aren't just blowing marketing smoke. It will always try to
restore as much data as it can.

If the Agent folder is the only part of the C drive that you're backing up,
then you can speed up the process by telling Retrospect to back up only that
directory as a subvolume. In your selector, keep the same rules in the
Exclude section and get rid of the rule in the Include section. This way,
Retrospect will treat the Agent folder as its own volume, and your Snapshots
will only be in relation to that folder.

Of course, we always recommend backing up the entire drive... ;-)

And yes, this is an appropriate place to post your other questions.

I hope this helps.

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

Steve LaMantia <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> John Gee wrote:
>> The restore can include surprising files. If Retrospect backed up a
>> copy of the file from a different location or even from a different
>> computer in the same backup set, it may offer to restore it to
>> effectively multiple locations.
>> I am not sure if this explains what you are seeing. Have you got a
>> copy of agtman15.pdf in the folders that were backed up?
> Why, yes, I do, John!  I didn't realize that, but your
> question sent me checking, and sure enough, there's
> an identical copy in the C:\Program Files\Agent folder,
> which *is* one of the folders I specified in my
> selector.  Both agtman15.pdf files have identical specs:
> File Name         Size        Modified
> ------------     ---------    ---------------
> agtman15.pdf     1,914,632    10-14-99  9:47p
> So now I can see that Retrospect isn't doing something
> totally spurious and arbitrary that I can't understand;
> it's just doing something that seemingly it's *supposed*
> to do, that I can't understand.
> What's the "rule", the rationale, that Retrospect is
> following here?

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