>Ok, explain to me...I took a 220MB system file and compressed it down to 28MB.

And to recover any one file would require the whole archive to be decompressed..

Compressing a finite amount of data is one thing. Compressing a potentially infinite 
amount of data on the fly, to multiple media, with a verification pass is another.

By your logic the contents of a 220 Gb drive would compress down to a 28 Gb archive. 
Verifying the backup would require the archive to be read back off tape (in one go, as 
it's one archive..) decompressed to 220 Gb (in one go, as it's one archive..) which 
would be held in RAM (hmmm) and compared with the original...

Restoring any one file - say a 4 kb icon - would require the entire archive to be read 
back off tape, decompressed, the one file found and extracted.

It's just not practical. And I think that Dantz, and other manufacturers of backup, 
probably have a good grasp on compression technology.

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