> >Ok, explain to me...I took a 220MB system file and compressed it 
>down to 28MB.
>And to recover any one file would require the whole archive to be 

Actually, if you buy the full version of StuffIt Deluxe, it can 
retrieve individual files and add files to the end of it as well.

I've done this in the past with rather large files.  PKZip for the PC 
has been doing this for a long time too.

Think about this:  There was a program called DiskDoubler.  This 
program compressed files on the fly and yielded between 2 and 3 times 
the compression overall on a hard disk.  Microsoft's disk compression 
gets about the same.
Not many people use them anymore because on a daily basis on an 
active computer, these schemes can result in data loss, but a backup 
is not used that way. Or at least it shouldn't be.
If you took a drive and compressed it with either utility. (Leaving 
it Random Access) then turned it off, disconnected it, and stored it 
in a safe place.  That data would still be there years later and 
fully retrievable.

Yes, JPEG, GIF images cannot be compressed very well if at all.
Yes, straight text compresses better than darn near anything else.
I've dealt with compression schemes for quite a while.

I don't expect an on-the-fly compression to get 220MB down to 28MB. 
I would like to see it get to 2:1 though.  Something I have not seen 
yet.  To get to 2:1, they need to shoot for 4:1.

While even at 4:1 the data content will still dictate the actual 
amount of compression, if the best you hope to get is 60% of the 2:1, 
then why not shoot for better and hope to get at least 50%?

If the argument is some agreement that tape and backup software mfgs 
should not try to compete in this way, that stinks for the consumers 
as much as the possibilities that the oil companies squashed the 
plans to built a 100mpg car.

My point is the technology exist, Alladin Systems develops it and 
makes the engine available for licensing.  I'm not asking to get 8:1 
compression on the fly, but to really get 2:1 would be nice.

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