Could someone techy from Dantz weigh in on this?

I think some of the participants in this discussion have hit on some of
the key issues, but it seems like someone from Dantz could clarify a lot.

It seems that the distinctions between streaming a compressed file at a
time for an indeterminate number of files is different than taking a
specified folder/drive/partitian and cramming it into a single archive.
It also seems that the on-the-fly considerations and maintaining tape
speed are different than taking your time and doing a single archive
file with multiple passes.

The points about jpeg vs text files are obvious. I think the comment
about the industry agreement to stick with a 2:1 claim was not akin to
"price fixing", but rather an attempt to defuse all the marketing claims
and unfair trials with hand picked files. People can then get down to
real work and stop arguing with marketing claims.

It's also the case that Dantz does some really cool and sophisticated
stuff with network wide file comparisons. I found when backing up a
sizeable network of Macs that the backup was very efficient, because
large numbers of system files and software application files didn't get
backed up multiple times, and yet I could recover to any one of the
Macs. This could be undermined by some software that had a tendency to
write to itself to embed serial numbers, etc. However, with a corporate
site license, that went away a lot of times too. So, maybe 2:1, but then
if I count all those Macs and what didn't have to get backed up again,
where am I? 20:1?

Anyway, it would be interesting to get a synthesis and summary from a
real techy at Dantz. If there are certain things that are proprietary,
find a way of telling what can be told with appropriate handwaving where necessary.



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