>So Retrospect reports errors that it finds in the network setup that 
>doesn't affect ANYTHING else? If these errors existed then why does 
>nothing else complain? 


>I copy large files from one machine to another, but that never fails 


> If it is a SCSI problem, then shouldn't 
>Retrospect report it as such?

I've not found 519's to be SCSI issues. They are network issues. And 
almost always hardware. If you're experiencing 519's on multiple servers 
then I'd take a hard look at the infrastructure in place. Somewhere there 
is a "frayed" cable or a port/switch/router/hub that's either failing or 
getting ready to fail.

>Backup software should the most reliable software in use on the 
>network, yet Retrospect is the only software that consistently fails 
>to do what it is supposed to. 

This *is* the most reliable software in use on your network. And, in 
addition, it is probably the most useful network assessment tool you have 
as well. If Retrospect is telling you that you have a network 
problem...you do (or will) indeed have a network problem. Consider 
looking at it as more than just backup
software...consider looking at it as a diagnostic tool. Better than any 
other tool out there for finding hardware problems.

>I like Retrospect and simply want it to 
>run correctly and of course reliably.

It does run correctly and it does run reliably. Dantz just doesn't market 
all its features apparently. Wouldn't it be odd for them to put this out 
as a networking tool that does backup too? Better that it does the 
backups right and gives you the value add of being a kickin' proactive 
diagnostic as well. It's all in how you view it. :-) 

Besides, if you use this added value to your advantage and find the 
failing segment before it fails you will be a hero, get a raise, get a 
promotion, a nice Christmas bonus, maybe conquer the world. OK, I got a 
little carried away...maybe you won't get a promotion.


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