At 6:53 AM -0600 24/11/00, Don Foy wrote:

>I want
>everything perfect for a backup, since a less than perfect backup is
>absolutely useless. That one byte it missed and didn't tell me about may
>have been in the middle of a file that could cost me several thousands

I agree, but in that case I'd expect file transfers around my network 
to be producing useless files since 1 byte lost will affect those 
just as much as in a backup. My point is that this is simply not 

If I can throw a 600+ Mb file from one machine to another, then IMO 
Retrospect ought to be able to back it up without falling over.

>That's not a fault of Retrospect, but a feature, the way I see it.



Ken  G i l l e t t


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