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>       We are having problems backing up G4s over the network.
>Basically, they get part way through the backup and then Retrospect
>looses the connection. The problem seems to be at the G4 end as once
>this has happened they have lost network connectivity until the next
>restart (sleep and waking seems to restore it as well). This seems to
>be the problem that was addressed by the "Ethernet Update 1.0" and
>our network does seem to come close to the type of network described
>in the Apple TIL on the subject. HOWEVER, installing the Ethernet
>Update doesn't fix the problem, although it may have made it a little
>better (the backup SEEMS to get a bit further).

I have the same problem with a G4/500 (single processor).  Dantz tech 
support suggested I turn on link encryption (to slow down the 
backup).  That didn't help.  They then suggested it was the fault of 
a router.  I moved the G4 to various ports on my Asante FriendlyNet 
8+2 to no effect.  I tried both 10Mbps ports and 100 Mbps ports, both 
half and full duplex.  No effect.  Tried a 10Mbps hub instead of the 
Asante switch.  No effect.  I switched Retrospect host machines.  No 
effect.  I've tried various backup devices (VXA, DDS, CD-RW), no 

Software is Mac OS 9.0.4, everything up-to-date, and Retrospect 4.3.

I don't have this problem with any of the other 9 machines I back up, 
and this machine is the only G4.

I'm backing up a 27MB internal hard drive on this machine, divided 
into 4 partitions, roughly sized at (usable space) 2MB, 8MB, 13.5MB, 
and 2MB.  When doing a full backup, the failure usually occurs on the 
3rd partition.

By running 3 or 4 incrementals after a full backup, I can usually get 
through the entire drive.  Most incremental backups after that are 
usually small enough to success, but not always.
Bob Boonstra

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