Hi Ilyes,

You can certainly automate your backups to an external hard drive with
Retrospect! The only place we've left out that functionality is in the
EasyScript wizard, and that's because EasyScript is designed to work with
rotating backup sets. Even if you have multiple file backup sets, they
aren't really as independent of each other as a tape, CD-R or removables
set, as they are typically stored on single drive.

To automate your operation, create a new backup script, but do not use the
EasyScript feature. Instead, create a backup script in which your
destination is the file backup set that you wish to back up to.

Once you've created your script, click "Run" from the Immediate tab and make
a run document. This creates a Retrospect file that you can double-click to
launch Retrospect and run your script. You can save this file wherever you
like, and one double-click runs your entire backup.

Please give us a call if you have any questions on how to set this up or
automate any other functions with Retrospect. BTW, all the features
mentioned here are in both Retrospect and Retrospect Express, Mac and



Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
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> I agree with you TOTALLY, Scott!  What're our options?  Single-users
> have simpler needs than those using networks; in this light, what
> Retrospect scenarios should WE be considering?  I have a G4/400/9.0.4
> with 2 internal hard drives with 9 partitions between them.  What's
> really the BEST way for me to back these up -- not just how often, but
> what strategies should I be considering, including how can I go about
> automating the process?
> Because I back up to an external SCSI HD, I'm apparently unable to use a
> Script with Retrospect!  I've got Retrospect 4.3, the full version (not
> Lite).  Is there ANY way I can get around this?  I've written some
> simple AppleScripts for other apps, and have modified ready-made ones to
> my needs, but am really less than a neophyte with this kind of scripting
> -- BUT I CAN TEACH MYSELF if I knew precisely WHAT I needed to learn --
> I'm not unfamiliar with programming.
> What backup strategies might I benefit from considering, and where can I
> find them?
> What can I do to work around the no-script-for-externals limitation?
> Ideally, I want to click ONE icon and have all the partitions backed up
> -- is this possible?
> TIA for your assistance,
> - ilyes
> "Scott Dunn" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Subject: RE: Retro Server 5 on NT 4
>> These are the kind of tips I would hope to see on the Dantz website, too.
>> Providing a backup solution should be more than just providing the software
>> and the hardware.  Demonstrating effective recovery options for a variety of
>> situations and platforms on the website will only add value to the software
>> for the user.

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