Full instructions for doing an Emergency Restore start on page 114 of the
Retrospect for Windows User's Guide. You may also select "Prepare for
Emergency Restore" from the Window menu in Retrospect; this will list what
you will need to restore and allow you to print full Emergency Restore

Searching for "Windows Restore" in our knowledgebase now also returns these
instructions, as well as several platform-specific notes.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
Try our Searchable Knowledgebase at:

> These are the kind of tips I would hope to see on the Dantz website, too.
> Providing a backup solution should be more than just providing the software
> and the hardware.  Demonstrating effective recovery options for a variety of
> situations and platforms on the website will only add value to the software
> for the user.
> Thanks for your response, Malcolm.  I will be updating our recovery
> procedures to reflect your suggestions.
>> Hi Scott,
>> on 30/1/01 2:18 AM, Scott Dunn at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>> Wow.  I never thought of that.  Temporary directories sound like they will
>>> save my butt.  Brilliant response!
>>> Would I use temp directories with win95/98?
>> Absolutely!
>> When faced with this situation with normal user PCs running
>> Win9x I just
>> format the disk, do a minimum OS install and then the
>> Retrospect Client ...
>> all in a temp directory.  Reboot, add the client to the
>> server and restore
>> over the network.
>> In preparation for this situation I setup one Win9x machine
>> the way I want
>> it then do a full backup.  I can then use this backup to configure new
>> machines or fix broken ones.
>> Other people ghost one disk onto another or even a CD-R, but
>> I find using
>> Retrospect over the network more convenient.  In an office
>> which has several
>> hardware configurations it tends to be simpler with
>> Retrospect to just do a
>> full backup BEFORE letting users use the machine so the "as supplied"
>> configuration can be re-applied when necessary.
>> Cheers,  Malcolm

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