At 12:52 PM -0900 on 1/30/2001, you wrote:
>I'll look for that, I just happened to get FMP 5 the other day.
>What about someone who does not have FMP though?
>>Unless I'm missing something, you can do this using the Retrospect 
>>Event Handler and the FMP template that is included with Retrospect.

Actually you'll also need to copy the information out of the 
Retrospect Database Handlers file (also included with Retrospect) 
into the Retrospect Event Handler.

Since the Event Handler is AppleScript it should be fairly easy to 
reconfigure the commands to pass the raw data to whatever scriptable 
application you want. As a worst case, you could have it pass the 
data out to a tab-delimited text file and then import that into 
whatever program you wanted for analysis.

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